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Washroom Cleaning Products

HV-36 Hand Soap

Powerful yet delicate hand soap for washroom dispensers.

HV162 Power Fresh

Automatic Dispensing Unit & 12 Aerosols

HV-1370 Mirror Cleaner

Non-smear glass and mirror cleaner. Applied with either cloth or spray. Clean dirt from glass, mirrors, tiles and stainless steel and rapidly dries to a brilliant shine.

HV-2202 Cleaner/Descaler

Concentrated advanced formula toilet and urinal cleaner killing foul odour producing bacteria and dissolving limescale which harbours it.

HV-2312 Air Freshener

Odour eliminating spray for washrooms and toilets which can be dispensed through hand sprays or fogging machine.

HV-2323 Concentrated MRSA Cleaner Disinfectant

Powerful cleaner sanitiser effective against MRSA and suitable for cleaning and disinfecting all hard washable surfaces and carpets.

HV-2378 Cleaner/Sanitiser with Perfume

Multi-functional cleaning powerful designed for 99% of substrates. This is non-hazardous and can be diluted to suit each purpose.

HV-2510R Citric Disinfectant

Powerful general purpose citric perfumed disinfectant conforming to BS 6424.

HV-2526R Concentrated Bleach

Dilutable extra concentrated traditional sodium hypochlorite bleach 10% stabilised solution.

HV-2527 Pine Quaternary Disinfectant

Powerful general purpose pine disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds.

HV-3323 Wall & Tile Cleaner

Neutral dilutable cleaner/sanitizer for tiles and hard wall surfaces.

HV-4323 Daily Toilet Cleaner

Total neutral washroom cleaner and sanitizer for toilets, urinals, basins, tiles and mirrors.

HV-22032 Specialist Descaler

Quick, powerful and effective. This will effectively remove the most ingrained staining quickly and efficiently from even hard to reach areas.

HV-25250 Disinfectant Concentrate

High Performance disinfectant concentrate. The concentrate is dilutable up to 1 to 300 with water and is a disinfectant at this dilution. Suitable for disinfecting floor, walls and equipment.