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Industrial Cleaning Products

HV-02P Industrial Hand Cleaning Wipes

Waterless hand cleaning wipes for the removal of all types of industrial soiling including oil, grease, grime and uncured mastic and sealants, without the need to use a washroom.

HV-20 Heavy Duty Industrial Degreaser

Super concentrated maintenance degreaser for the removal of industrial oil and grease from plant and equipment.

HV-22 Heavy Duty Industrial All-Purpose Cleaner

Super concentrated cleaning for the removal of dirt and grime from all hard surfaces in the factory environment.

HV-42 Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Cleanser

Beaded detergent hand cleaning gel for workshop hand cleaning.

HV-66 Super Concentrated One Shot Power Degreaser

Super concentrated dissolvable sachets suitable for removal of animal, vegetable and mineral greases from all non porous surfaces.

HV-67 Super Concentrated One Shot Power Cleaner

Super concentrated dissolvable sachets suitable for mopping or scrubbing floors, walls and all non porous surfaces.

HV-86 Super Concentrated One Shot Bio Drain Cleaner

A natural and harmless bacterial soluble sachet to keep drains clean and free running.  For use in areas where corrosive caustic or acidic products would pose a hazard to children or the public.

HV-98 Ice Away Industrial Ice Melt Compound

Environmentally responsible ice melting compound offering longer refreeze inhibition and lower corrosion than rock salt.

HV-2733 Environmental Safe Solvent Drain Cleaner

Safe replacement for ortho-dichlorobenzene drain degreasers and line cleaners.

HV-3339 Ready to Use Antistatic Light Fitting Cleaner

Spray and wipe antistatic cleaner to remove dirt from industrial light fittings and to inhibit rapid resoiling.