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Catering Cleaning Products

HV-93 Ultra Hygienic Antiviral Sanitising Wipes

Sanitising and cleaning wipes for use on desks, computers, keyboards, phones, copiers, office equipment and any washable surface. Kills or de-activates pathogens to keep surfaces hygienic and clean.

HV-1217 Kitchen Descaler

Powerful concentrated descaler, safe to use on stainless steel, for kettles, urns and water heaters.

HV-1733 Drain Cleaner

Ecologically safe solvent cleaner for drains in kitchens and food factories where heavy grease is a problem.

HV-2100 Cleaner/Sanitizer

A highly concentrated dilutable product for cleaning and sanitizing food preparation work surfaces.

HV-2102 Automatic Dishwasher Liquid

Removes the most heavy soiling. Can be used effectively in all the leading brands of commercial dishwashing machines.

HV-2119 Floor Cleaner

Removes fats and proteins using a blend of cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants and sequestrants leaving a safe and germ free surface.

HV-2314 Automatic Dishwasher Rinse Aid

Highly effective liquid rinse aid. Can be used effectively in all the leading brands of commercial dishwashing machines.

HV-2339 Ready to Use Fast Food Table Cleaner

Ready to use cleaner/sanitizer in bulk for economical trigger sprayer application in fast food and cafeteria restaurants for cleaning and sanitizing hard surface tables and other surfaces.

HV-2370 Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Non-smear glass and mirror cleaner. Applied with either cloth or spray. Cleans dirt from glass, mirrors, tiles and stainless steel and rapidly dries to a brilliant shine.

HV-2378 Cleaner/Sanitiser with Perfume

Multi-functional cleaning powerful designed for 99% of substrates. This is non-hazardous and can be diluted to suit each purpose.

HV-2660 Spray Cleaning Polish for Furniture

Ready to use spray polish in bulk for economical trigger spray application.

HV-5323 Ready to Use Room and Bath Cleaner

Cleaner/Sanitizer for hotel rooms and bathrooms. Supplied in bulk for application through trigger sprayers.